A very big Player update is online.
With windows 8 support, new skin management and a few hidden functions.

GF-Player V1.12:

- Added: Snapshot shortcut

- Added: Player version check before play encrypted media

- Added: Video risizing option 1:2

- Added: Video risizing option 2:1

- Added: Minimal video height 200px

- Added: RSA encrypted password transmission (sample is in the GFP-SDK)

- Added: Windows 8 support

- Added: GFP-Crypt dll sample for lazarus&delphi

- Added: GFP-Crypt dll sample for AutoIt

- Added: Basic skin

- Added: New Design management

- Added: command /closeafterplayback

- Added: command /usedesign

- Added: command /installdesign

- Added: anti debugging

- Added: Design example to SDK

- Improved: Classic design

- Improved: Black design

- Improved: Database speed

- Improved: Whitelight visualization

- Improved: Proxy settings requester

- Improved: not enforce screencapture protection is now default

- Improved: Crypt tool

- Improved: Coverflow

- Improved: Crypt GUI tool

- Corrected: loading of files with relativ paths

- Corrected: http/https streaming

- Corrected: getting the size of the trackbar

- Corrected: coverflow issue with integrated files in player exec

- Corrected: decrypt video with GFPCrypt tool

- Corrected: /? command

- Corrected: screencapture protection win xp with audio files

- Corrected: mute video DVD


Last Updated (Saturday, 14 April 2012 10:51)