Documentation GreenForce-Player is a new portable alternative media player, with the function to encrypt video and audio files. Sun, 07 Dec 2014 22:57:01 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Machine ID The machine Id is a ID which is an unique ID of the Computer settings.
It is based on different Hardware (and Software) settings. Like the Processor, graphic card and the OS.

You can create a machine ID of an computer with the tool "MachineID.exe" from the GFP-SDK.

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Password protect video with GFP-Crypt tool  

Password protect video




Well there are videos or audio files you really like to keep private.
The easiest way to protect your video files with a password is to use the GreenForce-Player.
GreenForce-Player is a portable freeware alternative media player with multiple functions. It can play video files, audio files like mp3 and it is also possible to protect media files. It has a cache system that is used to reduce usage of your hard disc which can extend the battery life of laptops. All together, a must have alternative media player for windows.
In the GreenForce-Player you can encrypt the media files individually, but if you need to encrypt more files you can use the Crypt-tool which is included in the SDK.
The Crypt-tool also allows adding all multimedia files into one executable. So you can convert your audio and video files to standalone EXE files. This has the big advantage that the GreenForce-Player Software is not needed for playback then.


To encrypt you must start the tool "GFPCrypt-GUI.exe" from the GreenForce-Player SDK.
Password protect video tool

To add files you can use "Add file" for one file or you can use the button "Add folder" to add a complete folder. After this the items will be added to the list below.
Password protect video tool

If you added a file then you can double click on the item to change the tags of the file (Interpret/Album/Title/Cover).
Password protect video settings

At the bottom of the main window you can set the password (encryption key), the output folder.
If you want to create only one executable with all multimedia files, then you can use the option "Include all files in one player executable". In this case it is also possible to set your own icon for the executable.
To create the encrypted files you have to click on the "Encrypt" button.
If you used the option to create an executable you get a file like this:
GreenForce-Player executable icon

Test the created file

Now you can start this new standalone executable with a double click.
GreenForce-Player coverflow

You get directed in the Cover flow; there you can select the Video/Audio you want to see.
To play the file you only have to enter the right password.
GreenForce-Player enter password


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Protect video with password Protect video with password


With GreenForce Player it is possible to protect multimedia files (video/ audio) files with a password. So the media file can be opened only if the correct password is provided. GreenForce Player uses its own container format, so it supports all multimedia formats (only a codec is required). The big advantage over other encryption tools is that GreenForce Player can directly play the media form RAM without copying it to the hard disk. Also note that GreenForce Player does not need administrator rights to install and run.

Open media file in GreenForce Player

First open the media you want to protect with GreenForce Player. Here we choose a short video with the name "racing-car.avi". However, GreenForce Player can encrypt all kinds of media files.

Select file which should be protected

click on the menu item "Protect Video" in the menu "DRM".

DRM protect video

enter password

Enter password

In the "Protect Video" dialog you can define the file name of the protected file. By default this is the original file name with ".gfp” as ending. To help you remembering the correct password you could also specify a tip which is shown in the password dialog when you try to open the media file. The only necessary step is to enter the password. All other steps we will describe later are optional.


enable screenshot protection

Protect the video against Screenshots

One very interesting feature of GreenForce Player is the possibility to protect the content of your video. So you cannot make screenshots of it. However, please bear in mind that there is no 100% solution to do this and it is still possible to copy the video by filming the content of the monitor. To enable content protection just select the option "Active” instead of "Inactive” Here you can see what happens if we try to make a screenshot. With content protection enabled you will only get a black window:


without content protection
without content protection

with content protection
with content protection


On the next tab you can set or change tags like "Title", "Album", "Interpret" and "Comments". If your original video file already contains certain tags then GreenForce Player will automatically use them.

Add own cover

You can add an cover to your protected media file. This then will be shown if you add your protected media file to a playlist. GreenForce Player also uses a cover file from your original media file automatically if available.

Create a Standalone EXE file

to create a standalone Executable file, you just need to check "add player to the media file". The big advantage then is that you do not need to have GreenForce Player installed to play the protected media. All necessary files are directly included in the prtected file.


To finally encrypt the file just click on the "Save" button. The encryption process is very fast so it just takes a few seconds to finish.

encryption progress

Now there should be an encrypted file in the destination folder. To open the file just double click on it in the explorer. If you do not want that the password dialog appears then you could also use the command line parameter "/password" to pass the password.

protection finished

This is the easiest way to protect the file. However, you could also protect files with the Crypt tool.

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Introduction GreenForce-Player is an portable alternative media player, with many additional functions. One of these functions is to protect media files. You can save your audio and video files with a password and protect them against screenshots. An other very interesting function is the coverflow. Last but not least, there is a cache system that is used to reduce usage of your hard disc. This software has been developed for Windows. It was tested with Windows XP, Vista and 7. GFP is easy to use and therefore ideal for beginners. However, there are also advanced functions for professional usage.

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Terms and conditions This program is provided "As it is". The author "RocketRider" is not responsible for any damage (or damages) caused by the GreenForce-Player or caused by the use of the GreenForce-Player. You are warned that you use this software at your own risk. No warranties are implied or given by the author or any representative. All components are copyrighted by the author. The author reserves all rights to this program and all original archives and contents. You are not allowed to disassemble, decompile, reverse translate/engineer or attempt in any other way to reconstruct the whole or parts of the source code or underlying algorithms of this application. You are also not allowed to modify or patch the executables/dlls of this software.

You are allowed to use this software in noncommercial and commercial products. If the software is used within commercial products a mention of the author and a donate would be desirable but is not necessary.

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Use the playlists

To use a playlist choose the menu item "Playlist" in the menu "Media". There are the following commands in the toolbar:

  • Create a playlist
  • Delete a playlist
  • Import a complete playlist
  • Export a complete playlist
  • Play the selected file of the active playlist
  • add a file to the active playlist
  • add a complete folder to the activ e playlist
  • add a URL to the playlist
  • remove a file from the playlist



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To use the coverflow choose the menu item "Coverflow" in the menu "Media". You need a playlist to use it, because the coverflow shows all files from all playlists. The coverflow has two different modes to presentation the covers "2D" and "3D".

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Protect a media file

To protect a media file with a password choose the menu item “Protect media” in the menu “DRM”. You must set the password, source file (the media file which should be protected) and the destination file. For the password you can set a tip/hint to help you to remember your password. You can also set tags and a cover (.bmp, .jpg, .jp2, .png, .tga and .tiff) for your protected media file. If you want to protect the media against snapshots you can use the option “Disallow snapshots”. Choose “active” for a weak protection or “extended” for an advanced protection. But keep in mind that this will be no 100% solution to protect the content.

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To change the options of the player choose the menu item "Options" in the menu "File".
Here you can select the language of the player.
The loglevel has three different options:
"None" Nothing will be logged.
"Error"  Errors will be logged.
"Debug" Debug info and errors will be logged, use this option to report a bug.
Only show in systray when minimized
This options influence that the player isn't in your taskbar if its minimized. You can control it over the systray.
Automatic updates
If this option is selected the player checks at every program start the latest version.
If there are updates it will install it automatically.
Single instance
This means the player can be opened only once at one time.
If you load another media file it will use the existing instance of the player.


Video renderer
If you have problems with the presentation of videos you can test another renderer.
Audio renderer
If you have problems with the audio of the player, you can test another audio renderer.
Size of RAM cache
This is the maximal size(in MB) of all media files that will cached in the RAM.
Size of RAM cache per file
This is the maximal size(in MB) of a file for the RAM cache. Do not use to huge values here because this will result in longer loading times. We recommend to use values between 10 and 30 MB.
Snapshot path
Here you can select the path where the snapshots will be saved.
Snapshot format
Here you can choose the format of the snapshots (jpeg, png, jpeg2000)
Background color
These is the color of the Video background.
You can choose a iconset for the main window of the player. (Blue, Green, Black, Gray)


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Acknowledgements -Warkering for the great French translation -Saner Apaydin for the great Turkish translation -Jacobus for the fantastic green iconset Foundation for the fantastic ogg and flac decoder ]]> (Administrator) Documentation Thu, 03 Jun 2010 11:28:07 +0000