The new version of the GreenForce-Player is availabe.
Now there is a very secure screenshot protection, if you can find any program which can take a screenshot of an protected video please send me the name of this tool so I can improve the protection and make ist more secure against screen capturing.

- Added: Option to not enforce screenshot protection
- Added: Show codec download link if encrypted file is not playable
- Added: GFP Protocoll, use "gfp://" to stream a video directly from the browser
- Improved: Video capturing protection under windows xp
- Improved: Visualisation
- Improved: Icons
- Improved: English and German language
- Improved: Crypt tool
- Improved: Crypt Dll
- Improved: Crypt GUI tool
- Improved: Playlist window
- Improved: Playlist rename
- Improved: Playlist play
- Improved: Options window
- Improved: About window
- Improved: Log window
- Improved: Screencapture protection
- Improved: Loading speed of encrypted(protected .gfp) files
- Corrected: Multimedia file loading
- Corrected: URL Requester
- Corrected: Crash at restarting player
- Corrected: Crash at defect gfp file
- Corrected: Video executable used wrong path for database


You can find the newest version of the GreenForce-Player now on the PC-WELT 10/2011 magazin.


I need a few donations to buy a new graphic software.
If you like my Software, please Donate.

Best regards

Last Updated (Monday, 03 January 2011 14:59)


The new Version 1.09 is released!
There is a rewrited function to steam media files from the internet, and many other new functions are added, please take a look.

- Added: Language Spanish(Thx to Mauricio Cantún Caamal)
- Added: Icons
- Added: Show video title in player title
- Added: Thumbnail buttons
- Added: Streaming from internet of media files
- Added: Streaming of protected multimedia files
- Added: Protection against screenshots with virtual machines detection
- Added: Ask before delete playlist
- Added: Expire date for password protected multimedia files
- Improved: Scroll in video with mouse wheel
- Improved: Renamed the style names
- Improved: Select snapshot path
- Improved: Keyboard query
- Improved: Options window
- Improved: Icons
- Improved: URL requester
- Improved: GFPCrypt tool
- Improved: GFPCrypt DLL
- Improved: GFPCrypt GUI tool
- Improved: Delete file if abort the encryption
- Improved: Documentation
- Improved: Renamed visualizations
- Improved: The .gfp DRM fileformat (now Version 2)
- Improved: Fullscreen/Minimal view popup menu
- Improved: Screencapture protection
- Corrected: Set media volume in the about/playlist window with mouse wheel
- Corrected: Error-Requester
- Corrected: Button highlighting
- Corrected: Coverflow with very large playlists
- Corrected: create snapshots
- Corrected: Black margin by playing a video without menu
- Corrected: Visualization at first playing
- Corrected: Multimedia pack with medium without cover
- Corrected: Mirror driver detection
- Corrected: Volume controll


- Added: Missing file extesions (.mkv, .m2v, .m4v, .m2ts)
- Added: Icons to message boxes
- Added: Rename playlists
- Added: language Nederlands (Thx to Carl Peeraer)
- Improved: Password requester
- Improved: Playlist already used requester
- Improved: Own renderer is now default
- Corrected: Popupmenu playing a DVD
- Corrected: Mousecontrolling in DVD menu
- Corrected: DVD fullscreen controll

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