- Added: Turkish OS language detection
- Added: New tresor icon in password requester
- Added: Tooltips in the playlist window
- Improved: Documentation
- Corrected: loading bad playlists
- Corrected: Get graphicard name
- Corrected: Load files with the explorer if an other video is playing.
- Corrected: Open documentation
- Corrected: Coverflow


- Added: Iconset Black
- Added: Iconset Gray (new default)
- Added: Documentation
- Improved: Playlist play button
- Improved: Open file dialog
- Improved: FAQ
- Corrected: Automatic updater
- Corrected: mp4 files from RAM
- Corrected: Double items in temporary playlists
- Corrected: Play track of the chronic while playing a playlist
- Corrected: Play track after using a playlist

Last Updated (Wednesday, 18 August 2010 12:51)


- Added: "/encryption" command line same as "/password"
- Added: check for empty language
- Added: show warning if media could not load (protect video)
- Improved: Error handler
- Corrected: Close window at fullscreen (Thx to Blackskyliner)
- Corrected: Stack corruption
- Corrected: Open/Save/Path dialog

Last Updated (Wednesday, 18 August 2010 12:50)


In this version are many bug fixes.

- Added: New error dialog with send report option
- Added: New error dialog with an option to restore the DB
- Added: Own Trackbar
- Added: "default" password (if you don't want to use a pw you can use "default")
- Added: GFP to the "open with" dialog
- Added: .ogm, .ogv, .divx, .ram,... file extensions
- Added: Codec installation (with ".gfp-codec" files)
- Added: graphical GFPCrypt tool to encrypt a multiple files at once
- Improved: Logging
- Improved: Prefer DShow for ogg and flac files
- Improved: Aspect ratio
- Improved: Button order
- Improved: About window
- Corrected: Loading failed for different file types (mp3, wmv,... files)
- Corrected: Settings for loading from URL
- Corrected: Set file extensions
- Corrected: Access violation
- Corrected: Playlist title lenghts
- Corrected: Add playlist tracks
- Corrected: Set OS language

Last Updated (Wednesday, 18 August 2010 12:50)


The next version is online, there are many bug fixes and litle improvements.
I'm working on the subtitles for the next version.

- Added: Updater EXE updates the readme file
- Improved: Faster database update
- Improved: Playlists
- Improved: Next track
- Improved: Capturing protection
- Improved: Popup menu
- Improved: Performance of the complete player
- Corrected: seeking in different movies (wmv files)
- Corrected: bufix for madflac
- Corrected: Crash with flac and ogg using visualization

Last Updated (Wednesday, 18 August 2010 12:49)

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